What would you sacrifice to make your dreams a reality?

What happens when your dream becomes your worst nightmare?

Female bodybuilder, Amanda Hearst, was a muscle fibre away from attaining greatness when Russian oligarch, Alexander Sokolenko, presents her with a Faustian proposal that demands much soul searching and much sacrifice, maybe more than Amanda is willing to give.

Devil and Disciple is an erotically charged, gothic tale that carries you from the Dantesque sin city of Las Vegas to Dostoevskian St Petersburg as it explores the obsessive lengths one will go to achieve greatness - lengths that are life changing and life threatening.

Both are compelled by their passions. Both are captives of their obsessions but as Amanda crosses over into Alexander's world she slowly begins to unravel as the true nature of his proposal is revealed. What will she do when she discovers that some obsessions are far more dangerous than others?

What happens when she realises that

"Manuscripts Don't Burn?"